Sunday, June 16, 2024

RPA Examples

In my previous article, I gave general information about RPA (robotic process automation). In this article, I would like to describe example processes for RPA and draw attention to the effects it creates. It should be noted that endless scenarios can be created for RPA according to needs and workflows.

Supplier Invoice Entry: Your invoices from suppliers can be read through e-invoice/ e-archive xml files or through OCR, and saved in the erp system by a robot as if they were entered by an operator. Of course, not all invoices can be entered successfully, or different patterns may come from different integrators or suppliers; However, even automatic recording of some invoices thanks to RPA will create efficiency.

Competitor Price Analysis: Robots can connect to competitors’ e-commerce sites or price comparison sites at desired times and compare current prices with your prices. Finding this time-consuming process for an office worker ready in your mailbox when he/she arrives at the office will save him/her time to do value-added work.

Bidding: B2B employees, in particular, spend a lot of time responding to bid requests from dozens of different customers a day. With a robot, you can read incoming proposal requests and automatically send offers for the products for which quotation is requested.

Master Data Creation: With the created file pattern, certain fields in the file can be matched with fields in erp or any related system, related records can be created and human errors can be minimized.

These applications are the rpa applications that I have seen create productivity for related companies. Many different scenarios can be set up according to the company, processes and needs.

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