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S/4 HANA User Licence Types

Earlier, I tried to provide general information about the licensing of SAP S4 Hana on premise in an article. In this article, I would like to give general information about what S/4 Hana user types mean and to whom these licenses should be given as an example.

S/4HANA Enterprise Management for Professional Use: A named user authorized to perform operational roles and system administration / administration roles supported by SAP. It is recommended for SAP System administrators, managers who approve documents and users who perform operational transactions (such as accounting) in the system. It is the most expensive license for end users, so care must be taken when assigning it to users. Professional user also includes functional user rights.

S/4HANA Enterprise Management for Functional Use: Includes all the the rights that productiviry user has. Users with this license are users who use the system a little more actively than the productivity user type. R&D, Quality control, master data, purchasing and planning experts are granted with this licence type.

S/4HANA Enterprise Management for Productivity Use: It is the license type assigned for the most basic user needs such as inventory management, warehouse management, physical inventory, fixed asset management, production, human resources and or other users creating purchase requisitions. It is perhaps best to say that it is used for users who use the system the least and use the least SAP resources.

S/4HANA Developer access: A Named User with access to the development tools provided with the licensed Software for the purpose of making Modifications and/or Add-ons to the Licensed Software. SAP Developer User also has entitlements granted to SAP productivity User.

hana Licence
hana Licence

It is impossible to cover all the license types of a product used in many sectors such as SAP in one article. In addition to these, there are also product or module based user license types such as retail user, Real estate management user.

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