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SAP S/4 Hana Modules

In this article, I would like to give basic information about SAP ERP modules. In fact, although each SAP module includes very detailed processes, it is aimed to give the most basic information here.

Basic SAP modules are divided into two as Financials and Logistics modules.

Logistics Modules

MM: Of course, I should have started with the module I know best 🙂 The MM module (Material Management) covers the processes of purchasing and stock management. This module is located in the middle of Sap logistics modules and has integration with all logistics and financial modules.

SD: SAP SD ( Sales and Distribution) Module, as the name suggests, covers sales and distribution processes. Basically, it includes customer master data, customer orders, pricing, shipping and invoicing.

PP: The basis of the SAP PP ( Production Planning ) module is material requirement planning, product recipes, production orders and confirmations. It can support different scenarios according to the company’s production logic.

WM: The SAP WM ( Warehouse Management ) module is a warehouse management module. It includes warehouse goods receipt, storage, picking and goods issue processes. It has now been replaced by the eWM (extended warehouse management) module/product.

Financial Modules

FI: In the SAP FI ( Financials ) module, there are accounting and financial processes such as vendors and customers accounting, fixed assets, general ledger accounting etc. It is generally designed and implemented in a similar way, especially in local Sap projects, as it has a uniform structure determined by law.

CO: The content of the SAP CO (controling) module is often not understood by customers in the early stages of the project. It includes processes such as product profitability, product costing, profit and cost center accounting. In fact, it is the module that creates decision support and analysis reports in the management of the company.

HR: The SAP HR (Human Resources or Human Capital Management) module is the SAP module that includes all Human Resources processes related to personnel. I have grouped it in financials, but if you pay attention to the picture at the beginning of the article, it is not a financial module.

Apart from these modules, there are also Sap modules that are not in every project, such as QM (Quality Management), PM (Plant Maintenance), PS (Project System).

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