Friday, June 14, 2024
SAP Career

SAP Key User

SAP Key Users are people who represent business units in SAP projects and play a critical by providing detailed information about the processes and operations they handle.

To briefly enumerate these critical roles:

Transferring all the details and exceptions to the processes they are responsible for to SAP Consultants
Contributing to newly designed processes during the SAP Project
To test the system and processes in the UAT (User Acceptance Test) process
To provide first-level support to users in their own and environmental departments after live use.

So what features should SAP key users have:

Extremely knowledgeable about their own processes
not resistant to change
Analyzing and discussing to-be rather than as-is
Advanced communication skills
adept at testing

In short, one of the most important components of the human factor in the project is SAP Key users. It should not be forgotten that no matter how good the consultant and project management are, a successful SAP project cannot be made without the key user or without the right inputs from the key users. They have an active and important place in the successful commissioning of the project and in the support and change management process after it is received. For this reason, they are usually chosen from people who are likely to be promoted or about to be promoted in the department. After these profiles worked devotedly on the project, I observed positive progress in their careers. You can even see SAP Key user positions on Even if key users are selected from senior managers, inputs at the desired level cannot be obtained generally because they are away from the operational process. On the other hand, high-level key users can accelerate the project by making quick decisions on matters that need to be decided.

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