Friday, May 31, 2024

SAP Enable Now

User documentation is a very valuable step in software projects. When the project is completed and users are about to use the software, it is a valuable resource for users to browse through the documents and use the software correctly and appropriately without the need for any help from IT personnel or software consultants.

   In SAP projects, user documentation is usually created for each module or process. Screenshots for these processes are taken, maintained fields are indicated with colored arrows and comments, and all important points necessary for the user are tried to be explained  and highlighted one by one. Of course, a lot of time is spent making such detailed explanations and making these additions to the screenshots. In fact, I think it is a value-added and useful product not only at the project stage, but also to create a corporate memory and to minimize the problems caused by personnel changes.

   Apparently, SAP was aware of  this gap in the ecosystem and released a product called Enable Now (formerly Work Performance Builder (WPB). What can be done in this product, I want to share quickly.

• Creating Training Video: You can record video of what you do in any SAP or NonSAP environment and create training video directly.

• Creating Training Documents: While shooting video in the application, you can create training document as PDF or Word at the same time. One of the important features here is that filled fields and pressed buttons are automatically highlighted and callout bubbles are added automatically. In addition, you can create this document in different languages.

• Conducting the Post-Training Test: You trained the users, explained everything about the screens. Samples are usually made to measure users’ knowledge. In WPB, on the other hand, you can test on the video you have taken and set the threshold value to pass for users to succeed.

• Navigator: WPB, which allows you to access the application-related documentation directly from within the application, perhaps differs most from similar applications here. Because when users have a question about the process and screens, it is very useful for users to access the relevant document directly.

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