Thursday, May 30, 2024

What is SAP CAR

SAP CAR (Customer Activity Repository), SAP HANA is a platform that provides Sales analytics, Inventory tracking and demand forecasting by processing POS and E-commerce transactions in real time. Well, there are modules in all SAP products such as ERP and IBP, what are the most important SAP CAR modules?

POS Data Transfer and Audit: As the name suggests, it is the module where sales data from retail stores are managed. SAP was already doing this even at the time of R3, you might say what was the need, but real-time processing of this data enables the retail to get the instant accurate stock and sales information that it needs. In the past, sales were processed at the end of the day and stocks were updated.

Unified Demand Forecast (UDF): It is the module for demand modeling and forecasting in SAP CAR. In fact, I think it is perhaps one of the most important modules for retail.  The thing I am most curious about is whether this module is used effectively in CAR projects in our country.

Omnichannel Promotion Pricing (OPP): It is the module that contains sales pricing and promotion details for all products in all sales channels (POS, Web, Tele, Mobile). I think that some of the fantastic promotions implemented in some retailers may not be  ready out of the box.

So why should a company use SAP CAR?

Real-Time Creation: The simultaneous arrival of sales data from different platforms enables the stock and sales amount required for all platforms to be given from a single center.

Granularity: Thanks to Hana, all transactions are kept down to the smallest detail and can be reported quickly when needed.

Estimation: The above-mentioned UDF allows you to make more realistic estimations with the methods obtained with the accumulation of many years.

Omnichannel Support: We said that while managing all your channel prices and promotions with OPP, all your sales data are kept instantly on CAR. At the same time, many omnichannel scenarios can be realized, such as directing an e-commerce customer to the store, or directing a store customer to another store with stock, or sending the product to its address from there, thanks to instant stock sales data.

Real-Time Reports: You can get reports quickly with ready-made queries.

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