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Project Management

What is a Project and Project Management

 by definition, is a set of one-off activities with a specific start and end goal, clearly stated purpose, scope and budget. The most common difficulty in this definition is that operational works are desired to be considered as projects even though they are not one-off. To give an example of the project, examples such as bringing a new software to the company, building a new house by a construction company, opening a new bank branch by a large bank can be given.

Project management, on the other hand, is the discipline of planning, organizing, supplying and managing resources in order to achieve and complete the goals and objectives of a particular project. The greatest effort expected in project management, while trying to reach the project goals and objectives, is not to exceed the predetermined project constraints. Typical project constraints are scope , time and budget. Within these three constraints, of course, there is also the quality balance of the product to be produced. Although these three constraints may seem like the biggest problem, the biggest problem is escalating or resolving disagreements among the project stakeholders to the right people. However, despite the time and resource constraints, it is impossible to fulfill the endless wishes of the stakeholders, so the expectations and wishes of the stakeholders must be properly guided.

In business life, most positions now manage many projects, perhaps without even realizing it. Only some projects can have a very narrow scope or a very low budget. It should be normal for more experienced project managers to be appointed for larger projects, while less experienced project managers to be appointed for more mundane projects.

Projects are not only encountered in our business life, but we also carry out many projects in our private lives. For example, if you are about to procure a vehicle, it may considered as a project Or even your summer vacation is a small project, because it has a budget, its time is planned, and it is not always possible to go on vacation.

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