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SAP Career

Being an SAP Consultant

I wanted to write this article especially for people who will reshape their careers or who have just graduated from university and have not yet decided what to do. Everyone hears about SAP consulting, this hearsay is sometimes quite funny, but often not very accurate. I would like to explain what SAP consultants do and how they work without going into too much detail.

First of all, SAP consultants are divided into two main categories. Module consultants and ABAP(technical) consultants( for sure there are basis consultants as well)

  •  Abap consultant are developers who create/modify developments in SAP system in line with the FS(functional specification)-TS(Technical specification) documents sent to them. If documentation is not mandatory in a project , this will cause developments to take longer than expected and be far from the desired quality. Even if the development is of the desired quality, when there is a need for changes in the developments made, the written codes should be analyzed line by line due to the lack of any documentation.

The most interesting thing about abap consultants is that no abap consultant likes the code written by another consultant 🙂 When another consultant takes over or is asked to fix a bug, he/she always complains about the developer of the program.

  • Module consultants, on the other hand, are responsible for many roles such as making necessary analyzes in the project, producing processes and reports that cannot be provided with SAP standards, providing the necessary documentation (FS-TS) for additional developments to be released in this context, unit testing after these codings are completed, and adapting the system within the scope of customer needs. While performing these roles, it is expected to know the SAP functions in detail and to offer appropriate solutions for the processes by using these features when necessary. In particular, the correct analysis of the processes and the analytical approach in additional developments determine the quality of a consultant.

In addition to the technical knowledge of the module consultants, communication skills in processes such as analysis and training are expected to be at a high level. Because the customer wants the impossible, you may have to settle for what is possible or make him want what is possible.

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